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Caring for Your Baby & Young Child,
Ages Birth to Age 5:

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Comprehensive Online Internet Links:  Click Here Caring for Your Baby and Young Child (Birth to Age 5) by S. Shelov , M.D. (American Academy of Pediatrics) - To shorten the long title, we may refer to this book as "CfYB&YC(B-5)" in various places in this web-site.

This is meant to be your main reference guide for your child’s first five years of life and you should use it on a regular basis as you go through the process of raising your child. The first 3/4 of this 752 page book is about routine “well child care” and discusses common problems which typically come up at specific ages.

By reading 1-2 months ahead of your child’s actual age (example: if your child is 2 months old, read through the 4 month section) you will already know what to expect and do for about 95%+ of the problems which come up. The 700 page book has an excellent index and table of contents, so if you cannot remember what to do about a specific problem you can look it up quickly and easily ... and solve (or at least understand) it!

We have found that many mothers (and fathers and grandparents) enthusiastically use this book and “wear it out”... many keep it at bedside. It is well written and fun to read ... jot notes in it! ... use it! Many have found that it helps them catch problems early before they become major, thereby avoiding unnecessary emergency room and pediatric office visits... saving you time, aggravation and expense as well as worries and sleepless nights. Have an older child (2, 3 or 4 years old) with a health problem or maybe sibling rivalry? ... look it up! ... its good up to age 5 years and we expect you to use it for older children as well (there are also similar Academy of Pediatrics books that follow this one for ages 5-12, and ages 12-21).

To quote the publisher:

First New Edition of this AAP Classic in 6 Years - Over 4 Million Copies Sold!

By the American Academy of Pediatrics
Edited by Steven P. Shelov, MD, MS, FAAP, and Robert E. Hannemann, MD, FAAP

This is it!  The "instruction manual" for your baby and child!  

Everything - and we mean everything - on basic child care is covered in our newly revised 4th edition of this top-selling book.  What's the best nutrition for my infant?  When should we see a doctor?  How do I handle my toddler's temper tantrums?  Is my child developing normally?  The answers to these questions - and thousands more - are delivered in a warm, accessible, user-friendly style.

Richly illustrated, this 752-page soft-cover volume is divided into two sections: the first section gives you everything you need to know to take the best care of your child.  The second section describes special situations - everything from colds to illnesses, disabilities, even environmental hazards.  This is the guide you'll turn to again and again as your baby grows.  Sample topics include...

Section I:  Step-by-step guide to baby and child care

  • Prenatal care, including nutrition, exercise and screening tests
  • The birthing process
  • Basic newborn care
  • Feeding, including breastfeeding techniques
  • Month-by-month growth and development
  • Child Care
  • Safety Concerns, including car seats

Section II:  Handling special situations

  • Emergencies
  • Illnesses
  • Common childhood diseases, listed according to body part
  • Chronic conditions and diseases
  • Immunizations
  • Behavioral Issues
  • Family Issues
  • Environmental hazards and ways to reduce them

(Click on "Contents" below for hundreds more topics) 

The perfect shower or new-baby gift!

With its easy-to-use format, comprehensive discussion and high-quality advice, it's no surprise that more than 4 million parents have already purchased this book.  Buy a copy for yourself...buy one for all the new parents that you know.  It's like having both an experienced mom and a pediatrician on call, 24/7!

Our approach at Unifour Pediatrics is to keep your child home and healthy through anticipatory guidance, prevention and early home treatment. We look at it as a crucial component of proper preventative medicine and we will reference it often as we work with you and your child. Throughout the country, this is by far the #1 book advised by pediatricians.

How to get the book?

1. Here at Unifour Pediatrics (in English and Spanish):
Although Dr. Millsaps gave these out for years for free, this became cost-prohibitive (at the large volume we were giving out), and he eventually moved to charge for the book at three dollars less than his cost (buying in bulk), so both he and you are splitting the cost of the book now. The $21 book is now going for $10 per book, not bad for a large 752 page book. Remember: This book can be used for all your current and upcoming children, ... and one saved pediatric office visit, one less prescription, one less ER, or Urgent Care Clinic visit (for any of you children through the years) will easily pay for the cost of the book.

2. Local Bookstores:
Barnes and Noble (Barnes & Noble Plaza, 2405 Hwy 70 S.E. Hickory, NC 28602 ... 828-304-4600), and others usually have this book in stock (let us know if you have other sources) Costs vary, but last time we checked, the cost was ~$21.40 out the door.

3. On-line via the Internet:
The websites of the American Academy of Pediatrics (for Spanish version, click the appropriate photo below), Amazon.com, Borders, Barnes and Noble, and others usually have this book in stock (let us know if you have other sources) Costs vary, but last time we checked, the cost was $16 (if on sale, plus shipping and taxes).

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Medication/Drug Information Mobile Apps  - (Android and iPhone).
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Growth and Development - Excellent for up through school-age..
Teen Growth and Body Concerns - Excellent for teens through college.


Newborn CareExcellent Newborn resources from KidsHealth.com.
Breastfeeding InformationExcellent Breastfeeding advise from the AAP.
Great IndexExcellent CS Mott Childrens Hosp.

Development and Growth - growth and development section of KidsHealth.
Zero to Three - excellent information on early childhood
Developmental milestones- age-specific developmental milestones listed.


Behavior & Emotions- great, emotions and behavior section of KidsHealth.
Rainbows for Crisis - programs helping children through grief process.
All Kinds of Minds  - programs for children with learning/school problems.
Family Topics  - fostering great relationships -  fathers & daughters.
Child/Adol Psychiatry  - am. acad. of child & adolescent psychiatry.
Child/Adol Psychiatry  - Coping with Mental Illesa Video.
CHADD - Children and Adults with ADHD web-site - lots of resources.
WonderWise Parents  - resources for child development and parenting.
Quotes For Parents  - great quotes for parents to think about.

Disabilities, Special Needs
Disabilities (AAP) - Living with a Chronic Illness or Disability.
Childrens Developmental Service Agency (CDSA) - for evaluations, etc.
IEPs - information on Individualized Education Plans (IEP's)
Dyslexia Support Group - The International Dyslexia Program web-site.

More Health Information:
Patient Education Clearlinghouse - Dept of Pediatrics - UMHS, ENG.
Patient Education Clearlinghouse Spanish - Pept. Peds. UMHS, Spanish.
Animated Body Guide  - pictorial anatomy guide/lessons, InnerBody.com.
CDC in Atlanta - Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta - excellent info.
CDC Diseases/Cond. - Centers for Disease Control -  info. on conditions
Nat. Libraries Medicine  - National Libraries of Medicine (searchable)
NIH Health Information  - National Institutes of Health Info (searchable)
MedlinePlus Health Info  - excellent - Medline Plus (US NLM and NIH)

Audio Clips - Education - excellent  - Parents Journal audio education
Reach Out and Read!  - Making books part of healthy childhood
Home Schooling - National Home Education Research Institute - NHERI
Harvard Educ. Letter - Harvard Education Letter - great information
Child Financial Training - Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy - children.
Financial Aid for College - SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid (for college)
Picture Book Reviews  - List/Reviews of recommended books for children.
After-School Alliance- After-School programs for children ways to start.
Dolly Pardon Imagination Library - Books sent to home monthly to age 5.
Bookworm Angels - Great program

Vaccinate Your Baby- EXCELLENTreference about immunization info.
Vaccine public service video: Discussing the importance of vaccines
Vaccinate Your Baby - EXPERT INFOabout immunizations - MANY sources.
Vaccine Education Center - EXCELLENT- Children's Hosp of Philadelphia.
Autism's False Profits - Bad Science, Risky Medicine, Search/Cure - Great.
Detailed reviews of diet/autism info: Article is excellent and informative. 
AAP Immunization Info- American Academy of Pediatrics immunization info.
AAP Immunization Safety - American Academy of Peds immuniz. safety.
Every Child by Two - Every Child by Two immuniz. safety - Rosalynn Carter.
AAFP Immunization Info - American Academy of Family Practice  imm. info.
AMA Immunization Info - American Medical Association  immunization info.
CDC Immunization Safety - Centers for Disease Control immunization info.
10 Vaccine Myths - Busted - Parenting Magazine.
Immunization Omission/Delay Deaths - Case History of Deaths - no "shots".
Immunization Action Coalition  - Immunization Info for health professionals.
Institute for Vaccine Safety  - EXCELLENT Immunization Info in great detail.
National Network for Immunization Information  - EXCELLENT Information.
Parents of Kids with Infectious Diseases - Ask experts questions directly.
Voices for Vaccines  - Dedicated and Reliable source of immunization info.
Vaccines & Immunizations - Centers for Disease Control & Prev (CDC).
Immunization Practices - ACIP - Advisory Committee for Immun Practices.
Vaccine Info Statements - Vaccine Information Sheets - many languages.
National Association for Immunization Information - Excellent reference.
CDC Info on Vaccine Safety - Frequently asked questions.
Do Vaccines Cause Autism? - Clearly sets the record straight about safety.
FDA information on Immunization Safety -  FDA studies on vaccine safety.

Travel Medicine:

CDC Travel Health- CD Travelers' Health - excellent information - to anywhere.
MD Travel Health - complete travel health information - to anywhere.

Breastfeeding InformationExcellent Breastfeeding advise from the AAP.
Breastfeeding Basics index to topics - from KidsHealth.com web site.
Drug Lookup Breastfeeding- Drug lookup for pregnancy and breastfeeding.
National Institutes of Health- drug lookup if breastfeeding.
AAP Breastfeeding Medication - Academy of Pediatrics Info on drugs.

Nutrition and Exercise:

Fitness and Nutrition- Nutrition and fitness information - from KidsHealth.
Fitness and Nutrition- Nutrition and fitness information - from KidsHealth.
Eat Smart More More - North Carolina "Eat Smart Move More" program.
Turn Off TV/Video - Center for Screen-time Awareness (TV/video/computer)
NIH Healthy Lifestyles - National Institutes of Health - Weight control info.

Drug/Smoking Prevention:
Drug Abuse Prevention - Strategies for prevention of drug abuse.
NC Alliance for Health- To reduce smoking around kids and reduce obesity.
Drug Abuse Prevention - The science behind drug abuse - great for teens.

Safety Information - from KidsHealth.
Safety Information - from the Academy of Pediatrics.
Toy Recalls- Product Recalls - sponsored by US Government
Recalled Products- Product recalls - US Consumer Product Safety Commis.
Toy Safety - Federation of State PIRGs - finding and removing unsafe toys.
Internet Child Safety - National Center for Missing & Exploited Kids.
Video Game Rating - Entertainment Software Rations Board.
Safe Young Drivers - a guide for parents and teens.
Missing Kids - main site -  National Center for Missing & Exploited Kids.

Child-Care, Camps, etc.
Child Care Resources - National Association for Child Care Resources.
Child Care Facilities Rated - NC Division of Child Development.
Summer Camps - Going away to camp - KidsHealth.
Mothers and More - organization dedicated to improving the lives of moms.
Twins, Triplets, etc.- supporting multiple birth families - at every step.
Child Care Resources- resource for finding high-quality child care.
America's Promise- resource (Gen. Colin Powell) helping disadvantaged.
American Academy of Pediatrics- don't lose your child.
Alliance for Childhood- child advocacy for healthy and enriching environment.

Internet Safety, etc.
Internet Safety - KidsHealth- Internet safety information from KidsHealth.
Safe CyberSurfing - Kids- Kids' Rules for on-line safety.
Screentime Habits/Safety- healthy habits for TV, video games, and Internet.
Teen Internet Safety - safe Internet surfing tips for teens - from TeensHealth.
Internet Checklist - Parents - fill the checklist out & think about your situation.
CyberSafety for Kids- a parent's guide to cybersafety for kids online.
Educational Games - examples of safe educational computer games.
Internet Checklist - Teens- fill the checklist out & think about your situation.
Online Safety Rules- Kids Rules for on-line computer safety.
SafeKids - Internet- discussions, info, and video about Internet safety.


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