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Mailing Address (By US Mail ONLY):

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P.O. Box 1347, Hickory, NC 28603 (ONLY to this address)
Small Ball Do NOT send US Mail to our street address! (3411 Graystone Place,
     Conover, NC 29613)... it will be returned to sender, and will absolutely
     NOT get to us).

Shipping Address (NOT US Mail)
by UPS, FedEx, Airborne or other courier:

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3411 Graystone Place SE, Conover, NC 28613 (street address)
Small Ball Do NOT send US Mail to street address! (see above).
Small Ball For Driving directions to the office, click here.


Small Ball (828) 328-1119 any time (no junk FAX please)

Small Ball If you have an urgent FAX, please call to confirm that we got it.
Small Ball Laboratory FAX number is (828) 328-8509 (backup FAX).

Phone (Day or Night):

Small Ball (If you have a true life-threatening emergency, always call 911 first!)
Small Ball (828) 328-1118 any time (no telemarketing please)

Small Ball If you have an urgent call, indicate that to the person who

Small Ball Leave a message if all lines are busy, which rarely happens. We try to
     have a live person answer the phone and not voice mail.
Small Ball At night call 328-1118 and push option #3 at night to reach us. The
    answering service will answer, gather contact information, and we will
    call you back. In the event of a office phone failure, call the answering
    service directly at 326-6000, or call the Frye Hospital switchboard at
    (828) 322-6070, and they will locate us. The clinician on call IS the
    clinician on call ... please do not bypass that understanding.

Print out handout "
Helpful Information on Telephone Calls and Office Visits"?

Small Ball Keep one at your bedside table for quick reference.
Small Ball Keep another on the refrigerator magnet.

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Click Here to download this PDF document:


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We will not accept email because of patient privacy and HIPPA issues.
Small Ball When our secure web portal is complete, this policy may change.
Small Ball Send non-clinical information without patient names or information to:
    This address (No clinical problems or HIPPA-problematic email:


Small Ball Web site corrections and suggestions, additional links that you might
     recommend, critique, etc., should be sent to


If you wish to become "Web Portal Enabled", CALL our Office Staff
(for computer Internet browser access, or with our mobile phone App.)

Download this
FREE "Healow" Mobile Smart Phone App (Apple or
Android) for
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Susan H. Huffman, CMPE
   (Practice Administrator)
David Millsaps MD FAAP

Brooke L. Hata MD FAAP

Richard Rheinbolt MD FAAP

Barbara Colosimo MD FAAP

William Elliott MD FAAP

Board Certif. Pediatricians:

Fellows of the:
American Academy of Pediatrics

and our Pediatric
   Nurse Practitioners

Sommer C. Clark

Karen Leisure, CPNP

Lauren McFarland, CPNP

Gretchen Weeks, CPNP

Evina Nonato, CPNP
Alexis Pagnatta, CPNP


Unifour Pediatrics is a physician-owned primary care pediatric practice established to provide quality comprehensive healthcare services to infants, children, adolescents & college-age youth.