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Unifour Pediatrics is a physician-owned primary care practice established to provide quality, comprehensive healthcare services to infants, children, adolescents and college-age youth ... your pediatric medical home.
  Protected Environment in office       Televisits: Learn about these
  Videos and Info about Coronavirus     Instructions Span instruc
  Protecting your family at home          Instruction Video Another

WE ARE STILL OPEN for IN-OFFICE Sick, Well, Injured or Behavioral visits
in a very protected OFFICE environment
, with outside screening/check-in, no more waiting rooms - stay in your car until being called directly back to completely separate "well exam room" OR "sick exam room" areas. These AERIAL VIDEOS will explain all.

PROTECTED OFFICE: There are separate well and sick entrances with separate staff to see our patients in each of these areas. Before office entry, we are taking temperatures and asking screening questions about patients (and those that accompany them) so that (1) no sick persons enter the "well" areas, and (2) no known/suspected coronavirus patients or family members enter either section. Clinical questions and details are often asked over the phone while the family stays in the car.

WELL VISITS: We are still seeing Well Checks in completely separate areas:
Newborn to 5 years:
lower-level well child section,  (aerial video),
5 through 21 years: upper-level "well-child" section,  (aerial video)

(1) Non-infectious sick, injured, and most behavioral patients
are seen within the main upper office upstairs.
ALL Sick patients with possible infectious symptoms are seen upstairs in one of the two 20x30' fully-equipped walled-canopies clinics outside, located in the upper parking lot. Those with cough, fever, achiness, etc. are seen outside in this safe protected environment for our staff and for other patients.
(3) Sick or exposed patients who are suspected of COVID-10 illness or have has close exposure are first seen by TeleHealth Visit, followed by a COVID-19 test sample obtained OUTSIDE under a small canopy in the far corner of the parking lot. (safely away from other patients and staff).

TELEHEALTH VISITS: Yet another option are Unifour Pediatrics TeleVisits
(like a secure real-time FaceTime bidirectional audio-video visit). CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT 828-328-1118. We are here for you!

COVID-19 MASS VACCINATION CLINICS: Will occur in Summer? 2021. These will be administered on Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the walled canopies outside in the upper parking lot. These are ONLY for our Unifour Pediatric patients and not for others, and will NOT be available until Summer 2021 (estimated time when the government will authorize this with a EUA certification for the pediatric age group, and when we reach that point in the risk/age staged roll-out of the vaccines.

CONTACTING US AFTER HOURS: Key areas (pages) of this site will automatically change after the office closes, providing very specific information as to how to contact us at any time of the evening, night, weekend, or holiday.. Alternatively, you can always reach us using our main phone number!  Day or night, call our main number, (828) 328-1118,  to reach our staff, on-call provider, or triage service.

We are recognized and fully certified as a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) - Certification Level 3, the highest level currently available  through the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

We are also certified by Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) through the Blue Quality Physician Program (BQPP)), which focuses on Primary Care Management and rewards independent practices committed to providing high-quality outcomes, and low-cost, patient-centered care for BCBSNC members.

Unifour Pediatrics is the ONLY medical practice in Catawba County participating in both the Reach Out and Read and the Dolly Parton Imagination Library programs, delivering up to 73 high-quality books to each of our pediatric patients under 5. We believe in early-childhood literacy!

We also encourage children and their parents to get out of the house and visits parks and trail systems with their families, through these two programs. Get active! Its healthy and fun at the same time! 

Kids in Parks

The Kids in Parks program has established a network of trails designed to provide kids and families with fun outdoor activities. Through their TRACK Rx program, our providers are promoting this program and formally prescribing our patients to get active outdoors and reconnected to nature through this exciting program. For more information about the program, click this link

CALLING ALL PATIENTS!  Join our staff and patients in counting steps and get active!  We have divided into 2 teams and we are counting our steps daily and reporting them weekly.  We are accumulating the total (2000 steps = 1 mile) and moving our “person” across the map to race across the country!  Call our office and be placed on a team and start counting!  Send a message of your weekly steps through our patient portal and be a part of the fun! 

If you wish to become "Web Portal Enabled", CALL our Office Staff
(for computer Internet browser access, and/or for our mobile phone App.)

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FREE "Healow" Mobile Smart Phone App (Apple or
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About this Web Site:

This web site is
NOT designed as a typical marketing brochure or tool, but rather as a comprehensive educational resource for our patients and their families. It is packed with informative content, often at the expense of aesthetic grace. Be aware that the site will appear complex, "wordy" and overwhelming, but bear with it, relax, and come to enjoy all the help it will provide you and your family.

The primary guiding principles of Unifour Pediatrics have been to provide comprehensive pediatric care emphasizing preventative healthcare, patient/parent education, attention to detail, close follow-up, and putting patients and their families first. In keeping with that philosophy, this site enables parents to access a vast amount of information and contacts which we think will be helpful as they deal with the formidable task of parenting and nurturing their children. Information, advice, ideas ... healthcare education, parenting principles, common sense, practical methods ... links to common problems and links to obscure illnesses. We have an attached SQL database which will provide quickly "Search" for the most common specialists, pharmacies, DMEs, etc. that we utilize in this practice, ... along with map directions, contact numbers, etc. We link to over 650 audio interviews of experts speaking on parenting and healthcare topics (each 10-25 minute interview can be played on your computer - in Real Audio format.)

In addition to the books and extensive handouts that we provide in the office, this web-site is meant to become an integral part of our overall master plan. We hope that you will use it wisely, as we point you towards reliable references (and attempt to steer you away from some of the "junk science" and inaccurate "information" which abounds on the Internet). Please read this warning and disclaimer now.

Our "Medical Home" Goal:

Our goal is to be your partner in healthcare by serving as your "medical home". We are committed to make available to you a healthcare provider and comprehensive care team who provides for all of your healthcare needs and coordinates your care across all settings, including the medical office, hospitals, clinics, dentists, behavioral health clinics and counseling, testing facilities, and other places where you receive healthcare. This team includes your health care clinician, nutritionist/dietitian, care coordinator, health coach, RN/triage staff, and many other team members. Also refer to our
Guiding Principles.

What is our Medical Home?

A medical home is a model of care consisting of a team approach to provide evidenced-based health care in a high-quality yet cost-effective manner. This type of care focuses on a continuous relationship with a personal health care provider that you select. Your chosen provider and care team will take responsibility for coordinating your care. This unique relationship between you and your healthcare provider means that you always have an active involvement in your own healthcare plans. We are now recognized and fully certified as a "Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) - Certification Level 3", the highest level currently available through the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). We are consistently recertified annually.

Partners for your family's Health:

- Let's work together and develop a plan of care.
- Commit to and follow your plan of care.
- Let us know if you are unable to take your medicine or follow through with
  your plan of care.
- Inform us of any illnesses, hospitalizations, new medications and/or other
  health-related matters since your last visit.
- Tell us about your needs and concerns.
- Ask a member of your health care team for help if you don't fully
  understand something.
- Give us feedback so that we can improve our services.

Please Note:

- Always inform us of any address, phone, or insurance changes.
- Payment and/or copayments are due upon checkin.
- Please be sure to sign a form stating who we may talk to or give out
  information regarding the patient.

David Millsaps MD FAAP

Richard Rheinbolt MD FAAP

Barbara Colosimo MD FAAP
William Elliott MD FAAP

Board Certif. Pediatricians:

Fellows of the American
   Academy of Pediatrics

and our Pediatric
   Nurse Practitioners

Sommer C. Clark

Karen Leasure

Lauren McFarland

Evina Nonato
Nancy Witcher, CPNP
Ashley Cooper CPNP

Unifour Pediatrics is a physician-owned primary care pediatric practice established to provide quality comprehensive healthcare services to infants, children, adolescents & college-age youth.