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Unifour Pediatrics uses "Electronic Medical Records" (EMR), with a company known as eClinicalWorks, and so the paper charts have become a thing of the past. We strongly urge you to become "Web Portal Enabled" by calling our office staff. BEFORE you can start using the Unifour Pediatrics Web Portal (for Computer Internet browser access), -AND- the mobile smartphone apps (known as "Healow" and "Healow for Kids"), you MUST be web-enabled.

Until you are "Web-Entabled", we cannot send you important patient education PDFs and Videos to your computer and smartphone. Without being web-enabled, you will not have easy secure access to information from you chart, and will be missing a great and increasingly important way to interact with us .

A secure encrypted (username/password) web-portal is part of this ... to enable you as a parent to better access certain information that you need. You will not have direct access to the entire chart, but features will eventually include some of the following:

1. Access to your child's growth charts to review.
2. Results of lab work, such as throat culture results.
3. Ability to request well child appointments, allowing you to specify best times, days, etc.
4. Secure email (through this secure encrypted web portal) to our business office.
5. Register as a new patient, and once you are provided a username and password, fill out all the new patient demographics, and medical history forms.(and have this, once verified and released, be entered directly into the electronic medical records database).
6. Fill out questionnaires and forms over the secure Internet connection.
7. Be able to receive appointment reminders, and notices about flu shot availability, etc.
8. Enable us to easily send you diagnosis-specific pediatric patient/parent- education materials (PDFs and Videos) for you use and share with your family. This may help you best care for your child and avoid unneeded office visits. Preventative information, education, and comprehensive care matters.
9. Much, much more.

If you wish to become "Web Portal Enabled", call our Office Staff

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Unifour Pediatrics is a physician-owned primary care pediatric practice established to provide quality comprehensive healthcare services to infants, children, adolescents & college-age youth.

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