Hospital Care (FRMC)
Frye Regional Medical Center

Frye Regional Medical Center  (About five miles from Unifour Peds)

Frye Regional Medical Center
is the other primary COMMUNITY hospitals for Unifour Pediatrics. Dr. Millsaps, Dr. Spees, as well as our pediatric hospitalists have full admitting privileges at FRMC, which is located about five miles from our office. Frye has excellent emergency room services and procedural/surgical services. Advances imaging and laboratory/diagnostic services are readily available (about five miles from the office). Frye has a nicely run delivery suite, as well as full-term nursery, and level 2/3 nursery if needed, staffed with two neonatologists and four neonatal nurse practitioners. Two pediatric hospitalists provide excellent community hospital care for those children who require hospitalization.
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Laboratory Facilities for Pediatrics:
We send some of the more advanced lab studies to Frye to process. They have an excellent referral laboratory.

Imaging, Radiology/X-ray, MRI Scans, CT Scan Facilities:
We send some of our imaging studies to Frye Hospital or to their out-patient imaging center on Tate Blvd. They have excellent facilities, staff, equipment, technical ability and radiology/imaging specialists.

Pediatric Emergency Room Care at FRMC:
The newly rebuilt emergency room is excellent in terms of equipment, facilities, staff and emergency room physicians. We feel very comfortable with the abilities of the emergency room staff, when they take care of our pediatric patients, and we work closely with them. Should the emergency room physician require additional pediatric consultation, we have contracted with the pediatric hospitalists (pediatricians who specialize in the care of hospitalized children and those in emergency rooms). Dr. Sam Wellman and Dr. David Berry do a superb job in this capacity, and will follow through should subsequent hospitalization be necessary.

Pediatric Hospital Care:
The pediatric ward of the hospital is located on the fourth floor. This is staffed by pediatric nurses who provide excellent community hospital care. Our two pediatric hospitalists, Dr. Sam Wellman and Dr. David Berry (Neonatology and Pediatric Acute Care Specialists, Inc) provide care for the hospitalized patients of Unifour Pediatrics, and Dr. Millsaps and have been pleased with the excellent care they have provided. Should additions subspecialty care be needed, they will, as needed, bring them into the diagnostic and treatment team. This may include allergy/asthma specialist, surgeons, urologists, infectious disease experts and others. In very selected cases, tertiary care of consultation may be needed at Baptist, Carolinas Medical Center, Duke or Chapel Hill, and Drs. Berry and Wellman will also coordinate the transfer as needed.

Full-term Nursery Care:
Dr. Millsaps or Dr. Spees sees all newborns on morning rounds, reviews their charts, examines them closely, and directs their care through the hospitalization. Circumcisions are performed if they are requested. Dr. Millsaps or Spees visits new mothers and their families and answers questions. In rare instances where both are tied up, then neonatologists Drs. Wellman and Berry provide this care, and circumcisions are either performed by others or are performed later in the office.

Level 2 and 3 Nursery Care (Intensive Care Nursery):
Our two pediatric hospitalists (and board-certified neonatologists),
Dr. Sam Wellman and Dr. David Berry (Neonatology and Pediatric Acute Care Specialists, Inc) provide care for premature (or sick) newborn patients of Unifour Pediatrics. Dr. Millsaps and Dr. Spees have been most pleased with the excellent care they have provided. These are sometimes transferred back to level 1 (full-term nursery) where Unifour Pediatrics then redirects care, back on our service.

Dr. Sam Wellman, MD FAAP ... hospitalist/neonatologist:
Dr. Wellman has been in the Unifour area since the early 90s as a board-certified neonatologist, already very experienced before he came to the area. He had been a general private practice pediatrician before entering the specialty of pediatrics known as neonatology, which involved pediatric intensive care of sick and premature infants. He has also continued his interest in the hospitalized older pediatric patients, and our patients continue to benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience with pediatric patients in the emergency room and hospital setting.

Dr. David Berry, MD FAAP ... hospitalist/neonatologist:
Prior to coming to the Hickory/Conover area, Dr. Berry spent many years as a well-respected Assistant Professor of of pediatrics at Wake Forest University Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem. He also is a board-certified neonatologist, and also very skilled as a hospital-based pediatrician. He has also continued his interest in the hospitalized older pediatric patient, and our patients continue to benefit from his wealth of knowledge and experience with pediatric patients in the emergency room and hospital setting. David's kindness, knowledge, technical abilities, and excellence, have one him special awards from the pediatric nursing staff.

Further Back-up Pediatric Coverage:
To provide further redundancy of backup coverage (in case lots of problems develop at both hospitals at the same time), and especially when either Dr. Millsaps or Spees is out of town at medical meetings, etc, we have arranged for others to provide additional backup coverage.

Other Doctors on Frye staff

Driving Directions and Map to Frye:
420 N Center Street, Hickory, NC 28601
Telephone 828-322-6070

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