Hospital Care
Carolina's Medical Center, Charlotte
Levine Children's Hospital

Levine Children's Hospital in Charlotte is one of the main REFERRAL hospitals for Unifour Pediatrics. Dr. Millsaps and Dr. Spees, as well as our pediatric hospitalists, refer patients to the specialists at Levine Children's Hospital for outpatient and/or inpatient care. Levine Children's Hospital is located about 1 1/2 hours away, in Charlotte.

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David Millsaps MD FAAP
Brooke L Hata MD FAAP

Lynn B. Spees MD FAAP
Board Certif. Pediatricians:

Fellows of the:
American Academy of Pediatrics

and our Pediatric
   Nurse Practitioners

Sommer C. Clark, CPNP

Camille Glidden

Gretchen Weeks

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