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Although the Internet has a vast amount of information, the quality and accuracy of what you may find varies enormously. The Internet CAN help you as a parent with healthcare advice and recommendations, BUT please carefully consider this information as a helpful guide and not as a definitive answer to your child's current health problems. The specific individual nature of clinical history, signs, symptoms, physical, laboratory, and imaging findings are often important to making proper diagnoses and carefully designing and carrying out a treatment plan. Proper professional pediatric care should be sought when needed. Please be very careful with any information that you derive through surfing the net. We may link to a helpful site, but that site may link to other sites with less reliable, misleading, or even incorrect information ... so beware! Unifour Pediatrics is NOT responsible for inappropriate use of information viewed on the Internet, and we strongly suggest that you telephone and/or be seen in the office if there are questions.

Furthermore, Unifour Pediatrics does NOT endorse any of the advertised products, links or companies that you may encounter as you surf to these sites or link from that site to other sites.

If you have questions you can reach us at 828-328-1118