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COVID-19 Videos and other references, and how to protect your family:
    Either with a very protected OFFICE visit, ... or with a Tele-Visit.

For additional references on COVID-19: See our Facebook page for more updated information, as well as CDC information,, and Coronavirus and Parenting, Office COVID-19 measures, Also right menu.

New York City Intensive Care Doctor Discussing COVID-19 in detail in one hour talk - primarily preventative measures discussed.

Human Coronavirus (Some just 'Colds" some much more dangerous!):

Dealing with the stress of self-isolation (as in North Carolina, most are confined to their homes):

 How CVID-19 spreads (this is VERY important) :

 Simple ways to avoid COVID-19:

 The importance of hand-washing:

 Symptoms of COVID-19 Infection

 Caring for Someone Who Has COVID-19

 Disinfecting Your Home of COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) ** OFFICE UPDATE ** as od 4/4/2020:

WE ARE STILL OPEN for IN-OFFICE Sick, Well, Injured or Behavioral visits
in a very protected OFFICE environment
, with outside screening/check-in, no waiting rooms - stay in your car until being called directly back to completely separate  "well exam room" OR "sick exam room" areas. There are separate well and sick entrances with separate staff to see our patients in each of these areas. Before office entry, we are taking temperatures and asking screening questions about patients (and those that accompany them) so that (1) no sick persons enter the "well" areas, and (2) no known/suspected  coronavirus patients or family members enter either section. Clinical questions are often asked over the phone while the family stays in the car. We are still seeing Well Checks in completely separate areas, with 5 and under in the lower-level well child section, and 6 and up in the newly separated upper-level "well-child" section (enters through side kitchen door). As an alternative to the "sick" section within the office building, some families may opt for being seen in the canopied sick exam section outside. Yet another option are TeleVisits (like a secure real-time FaceTime bidirectional audio-video visit). CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT 828-328-1118. We are here for you!

Please keep calm and do things under your control. Assist and encourage your entire family to practice thorough and frequent hand washing. Sanitize telephones, laptops, and surfaces in your house and cars. If you are sick, be sure to stay at home and away from the chronically ill and the elderly.

The dedicated and caring staff of Unifour Pediatrics are here to help care for your family, share educational materials, and answer your questions. Just call or send a non-urgent message through our portal.

Your Unifour Pediatric Family,

(828) 328-1118

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