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COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus 2019) - Now a Pandemic & How We Protect You.
    Either with a very protected OFFICE visit, ... or with a Tele-Visit,
or view additional COVID-19 Videos & Informationor HOME Page,       
    See Aerial Videos of Visit Changes That We Have Made.
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WE ARE STILL OPEN for IN-OFFICE Sick, Well, Injured or Behavioral visits
in a very protected OFFICE environment
, with outside screening/check-in, no more waiting rooms - stay in your car until being called directly back to completely separate "well exam room" OR "sick exam room" areas.

PROTECTED OFFICE: There are separate well and sick entrances with separate staff to see our patients in each of these areas. Before office entry, we are taking temperatures and asking screening questions about patients (and those that accompany them) so that (1) no sick persons enter the "well" areas, and (2) no known/suspected coronavirus patients or family members enter either section. Clinical questions and details are often asked over the phone while the family stays in the car.

WELL VISITS: We are still seeing Well Checks in completely separate areas
, with 5 and under on the lower-level well child section, and 6 and up in the newly separated upper-level "well-child" section.

SICK VISITS OPTION: As an alternative to the "sick" section within the office, some families may opt for being seen in the canopied 20x30' sick section outside. Those with cough, fever, achiness, are seen outside.

TELEVISITS: Yet another option are Unifour Pediatrics TeleVisits
(like a secure real-time FaceTime bidirectional audio-video visit). CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT 828-328-1118. We are here for you!

Either via a TeleVisit:

Or an Office Visit (a very protected environment):
   See aerial videos of all of these visits.

1st: Sick and Well Visit Screening & Workups by phone in the car:

Check-in screen  is in drive-through.   Screened & wait in car til room ready
Nurse calls mom for history/workup & discusses the child over the phone
        . Forms, questions/concerns discussed & called to room when room is ready


When exam room ready, checks temp, enters thru empty waiting rooms

THEN either goes into a "Sick" exam room INSIDE the office
See aerial video of Non-infectious "sick" visit (or injury, some behavior).

Brought in through empty waiting rooms, seen by nurse, measured/VS/etc
Exam performed in a very protected environment, with proper PPE.
Seen by clinician, treatment plan provided, and escorted back to car.

OR, alternatively, goes into a "Sick" exam room OUTSIDE in the open air in a 20x30 foot walled canopy/tent (with water/power, etc.)
  See aerial video of possibly infectious "sick" visit. Or COVID testing.
All potentially infectious patients usually seen outside under private canopy.
20x30 foot walled canopy/tent            Power, internet, sink, computers, etc
Exam area with exam areas, sink, hygiene, instruments, etc. quite nice.
In a VERY protected environment, seen by our staff, and then back home.

OR goes into an UPPER "Well" exam room (if 6 years old and up):
- or course temp taken and screened 1st in the same manner as if sick.
  See aerial video of well visit for older patients, Or COVID Vaccinations

        . Forms, questions/concerns discussed over the phone to with the nurse inside, thus avoiding the well waiting room. & called to room when room is ready

Checked that not at all sick, and brought in for the physical exam, lab, etc.

Seen by clinician, treatment plan provided, and escorted back to car.

OR goes into a LOWER "Well" exam room (lower level for <6 yrs):
- or course temp taken and screened 1st in the same manner as if sick
. See aerial video of visits for younger patients. Or COVID vaccinations.

Pulling into lower driveway, stopping at barrels, and notify staff of arrival..


You will receive the check-in papers, & await a call from our nursing staff.
 Forms/questions/concerns discussed & called to room when room is ready

Checked that not at all sick (patient of family member) & temps taken.

When called from car, escorted via empty waiting room to exam room 


Seen by clinician, treatment plan provided, and escorted back to car.

OR, for a 5th option:
WE ARE DOING TELEVISITS!! (like a secure "FaceTime") Use your phone and download the Healow app from the App Store or from Google Play.

Call us 828-328-1118 for your username and password (same as 'Portal" credentials). Search us with office code of GFCGAA. If your child needs an appointment for ADHD, depression, anxiety, rashes, asthma maintenance, constipation, pink eye, allergies, diarrhea, menstrual concerns, healthy lifestyles/ obesity treatment or prevention, fatigue, for parenting issues or feeding problems, and for many other pediatric and parenting problems..See this Tele-Visits webpage for more detailed illustrated instruction.

If, during the Coronavirus Pandemic, despite all of our meticulous preparation and hygiene to protect your child, you wish to do a TeleVisit instead, then we are all here to serve you.

Important Office Policies to enhance protection for COVID-19:

Our Priority: Our highest priority is providing the best care possible while maintaining the highest degree of health and safety measures for our patients, their families and our staff.

Notify us of COVID-19 exposure: Please notify our office if the patient, or anyone in the family, has had direct exposure to the CoronaVirus (Covid-19) -OR- Any travel from problem areas like China, Korea, Japan, Iran, Europe, etc. (within the past month), or from US epicenters. Do NOT come in to the office. Please call us for instructions.

Limit those coming with patient: We ask that families limit the number of people accompanying the patient to visits and that they are not sick.

Well Areas ONLY for Well: Our lower level is for ONLY WELL patients and families. We will be checking for fever and other symptoms for those entering downstairs. Upper well visit area is separated from the sick area and there is no waiting room, thus providing a very safe and protected area.

Books and Magazines Temporarily Gone: To minimize the spread of germs, we are temporarily removing books and magazines from all waiting rooms and exam areas.

Increase Sanitizing: We also are increasing our frequency to sanitize surfaces in all waiting areas. As always, rest assured, exam rooms and equipment are cleaned after every visit.

TeleVisits: As of March 17, 2020, we are adding TeleVisits (bidirectional audio-video via your smart-phone or computer - like a secure FaceTime experience) for some types of patient visits. We are pre-screening via telephone all patients before making appointments to help keep anyone exposed to COVID19 from entering the office. We will assist them through phone triage and TeleVisits as needed.

Facebook Updates about COVID-19: For more information about COVID-19: See our Facebook page for more updated information, as well as, CDC information for prevention in your family, and Coronavirus and Parenting.

Stressing Family Hygiene, Sanitizing, and Social Distancing: Please keep calm and do things under your control. Assist and encourage your entire family to practice thorough and frequent hand washing. Sanitize telephones, laptops, and surfaces in your house and cars. If you are sick, be sure to stay at home and away from the chronically ill and the elderly.

We are here for you: The dedicated and caring staff of Unifour Pediatrics are here to help care for your family, share educational materials, and answer your questions. Just call or send a non-urgent message through our portal.

Providing you latest COVID-19 Information: ee our Facebook page for more updated information, as well as and  CDC information for prevention in your family, our collection of COVID-19 videos, and Coronavirus and Parenting.

Your Unifour Pediatric Family,

(828) 328-1118

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