David Millsaps MD FAAP
Brooke Hata MD FAAP
Lynn B. Spees MD FAAP

Board Certified

Fellows of the
 American Academy
   of Pediatrics

... And our dietitians

Elizabeth Sheeks MS LDN Register/Licensed
  Pediatric Dietitian

Unifour Pediatrics

 Unifour Pediatrics is a physician-owned primary care practice established to provide quality, comprehensive healthcare services to infants, children, adolescents and college-age youth.

Dr. Millsaps has continuously practiced primary care pediatrics in the Unifour area for the past 29 years and maintains full admitting privileges at both Catawba Valley Medical Center and Frye Regional Medical Center. This new pediatric office (opened in 2005) is designed to provide personal, comprehensive services, promote innovative approaches toward patient care, and allow more time for detailed coordinated management in complex clinical cases. In addition to Dr. Millsaps, we have now added six more clinicians, carefully selected, all of whom share the common vision. Dr. Lynn B. Spees joined us in 2007, and Dr. Brooke Lawrence Hata joined us in January 2009. This represents over 90 years of combined clinical experience in pediatrics. A licensed dietitian/nutritionist,  Elizabeth Sheeks LDN, joined the staff in early 2009 and primarily sees medically fragile infants and toddlers. An additional dietitian, (past employee), joined us in March 2009, to manage our overweight, healthy lifestyles, and metabolic syndrome program (we are one of 8 practices in the state to be chosen for this program sponsored by Duke University Medical Center). We will soon be adding additional developmental pediatric support within the office. We encourage you to read our "Guiding Principles" to gain an insight into the importance we place on excellence in service, patient education, and continuity of medical care. Please visit our web site, www.UnifourPeds.com and print out this PDF document for "Helpful Information on Telephone Calls and Office Visits, Day-time and After-hours".

Consistent Availability: including weekend and holiday coverage.
   - limited need for use of crowded hospital ER & urgent care facilities.
   - extensive after-hours coverage via telephone & via weekends and
     holiday urgent care (sick children can usually be seen in the office
     364 days/year).

Clinicians: Pediatricians & Certified Pediatric NPs:
   - David M. Millsaps, MD FAAP, lead pediatrician of Unifour Peds.

   - Lynn B. Spees, MD FAAP (joined us in August 2007).
   - Brooke Lawrence Hata, MD FAAP (joined us in January 2009).

   - Our Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioners:
      - Sommer C. Clark, MSN CPNP, Camille Glidden MS CPNP,
        and Gretchen Weeks, MSN CPNP.
  - Our Dietitians/Nutritionists:
Elizabeth Sheeks MS RD LDN (working primarily with the medically
        fragile.- and
(past employee) (working with healthy lifestyles,
        overweight, diabetes prevention, etc.) Also in-house breastfeeding help.

Separate "Well-Care" Areas: Separate level of the office for well children
    ONLY under 5 years age, with a separate entrance, waiting rooms,
    exam rooms and staff. Those 5 years and above are seen in the upper
    level, with separate waiting and exam rooms for sick and well.

Office Hours: 8-5 M-F for regular day-time office visits.

After-hours urgent care - call first: weekends/holidays AMs.
   - for urgent problems call at 8AM weekends or holidays.

After-hours access by phone: with redundant back-up coverage.
   - by Dr. David Millsaps, Dr. Lynn Spees, Dr Brooke Hata, Sommer
      Clark CPNP, Camille Glidden CPNP, Gretchen Weeks CPNP,
Gretchen Weeks CPNP

Frye and Catawba hospitals: full admitting privileges at both.
   - Dr. Millsaps, Dr Hata, and Dr. Spees (nursery), and, for pediatric
     hospital admissions, utilizing
pediatric hospitalists/neonatologists.

In-house laboratory: we perform 90+% of tests within the office.
   - Most tests results are available before you leave the office.

Great Location: across from Catawba Valley Medical Center .

Competent caring staff: our office, staff, and Dr. David Millsaps,
     Dr. Brooke Lawrence Hata, and Dr. Lynn Spees

Coordinated care: with hospitals, our hospital team, & specialists.

Education & preventative care strongly emphasized - stay well!

Web-Site: with extensive educational materials and helpful links.

Questions about the Practice? We will be glad to answer them.
   - CALL (828) 328-1118 (Susan Huffman, manager) or (FAX) 328-1119.

Office Tours for "Expectant Parents (Parents to be)":
As expecting parents (or for those with other children who are considering our pediatric services), we invite you to visit us for a "prenatal office tour" which can be scheduled through our office staff (call 328-1118). During this visit you will be able to meet with one of our providers who will answer your questions. We will show you our facility (waiting rooms, lab, exam rooms, treatment room, available staff, etc), provide you with written materials, explain our practice philosophy, and review upcoming events for your baby. We want you to feel comfortable with our office and confident that we will meet your needs. We also want you to see if this is the right "fit" for your child's healthcare services. If you have a particular provider with whom you wish to meet, then please specify. We usually schedule these appointments during lunch hours when rooms are unoccupied and we can conduct the tours without interruption. We will try to offer you days of your choice, providing we have no other commitments on those days.

You are probably already aware that we usually see well children less than 5 years old in the lower level of the office, so that they will be completely separated from sick children. If you also wish to see this "
Well Child Office (less than 5)", please specify this when you call for this "prenatal office tour".

For more details, see: www.UnifourPeds.com.

Sommer C. Clark

Camille Glidden, CPNP

Gretchen Weeks

Gretchen Weeks
   Nurse Practitioners


Unifour Pediatrics is a physician-owned primary care pediatric practice established to provide quality comprehensive healthcare services to infants, children, adolescents & college-age youth.